Monday, September 21, 2015

Common Mistakes that will Damage your Washing Machine

mr-fix-washing-machine-careWashing machines are a great convenience when it comes to doing your laundry. They do the heavy lifting while you spend your time on other equally important household chores. However, sometimes you may realize that your machine is experiencing frequent breakdowns thus causing you and your family a lot of inconveniences. The truth is, your handling of the machine could probably be the reason for the frequent breakdowns. Watch out for the following common mistakes to enhance the efficiency of your machine and also increase its longevity.

Machine overloading

With the capacity of the present day washing machines, it may be tempting to put everything and get the job done at once. If you want to ruin you washing machine in the fastest time possible, the continue adding just one more piece even if the machine is already full. Overloading will stop water and detergent from mixing well leading to dirty clothes at the end. It will also cause unnecessary strain on the machine leading to creased fabrics and increased wear and tear on the machine.

Using excess detergent

Contrary to the thoughts of many people, excess detergent won’t make washing easier or
effective. You will end up using excess water as well as damaging the clothes if you insist on more than recommended amount of detergent. In addition to this, excess detergent is also harmful to the smooth operations of the machine and you are strongly advice to adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines with regards to detergent use for that particular machine.

Loading clothes without emptying the pockets

Many people will throw clothes in the washing machine without bothering to check if there is anything in the pockets. They end up loading clothes with pockets full of notebooks, pens, paper notes and worst of all, coins. All these debris have the potential of clogging the water drainage leading to a complete breakdown of the machine. They will also increase the load on the machine in addition to messing up the laundry leading to dirty clothes instead of clean ones at the end of the cycle.

Using the same cycle and setting for all types of wash

Different clothes require different cycles and machine settings. Sticking to the same cycle will only damage the machine as well as the pieces of clothes that you keep washing with the wrong cycles. It is recommended that you group clothes depending on their wash requirements so that you vary the settings of the machine to enhance its performance and also ensure proper washing of the clothes.

Forgetting about the dispensers

Washing machines usually have at least a dispenser for detergent or fabric softener or both. These dispensers need to be cleaned and rinsed after each and every cycle. If they are not cleaned properly, they may gather dirt and cause offensive odors in the laundry room. Also make it a habit of removing the drawer of the detergents and leaving it open so that any residual water may evaporate to maintain them clean and fresh.

These tips will help you take good care of your washing machines and avoid frequent unwarranted breakdowns.

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